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Zones and facilities -Town map-

For bringing energy to life over the next 100 years onward,planned houses, commercial facilities, healthcare, welfare and educational facilities,parks and zones will be built to develop the town

Overall View of Fujisawa SST
  • Next Delivery SQUARE
  • Smart Spot for car sharing
  • Smart Spot for car sharing
  • Committee Center meeting place
  • SHONAN T-SITE commercial facilities
  • Fujisawa SST SQUARE
  • Wellness SQUARE welfare, health care and educational facilities
  • Community Solar
  • Central Park
  • Active Park
  • Forest Park
  • Welcome Garden
  • Breeze Garden
  • Circle Garden

Detached house zone

A town that will be loved in the future

Panasonic Homes, the Panasonic Group's house builder, is developing towns all over Japan, where eco-friendly and comfortable lifestyles can be created now and in the future. A beautiful town is created based on the town design guidelines.

Panasonic Homes Smart City Fujisawa SST

The town blends in with the Shonan scenery

Fine Court is Mitsui Fudosan Residential's city-type detached house model based on the concept of creating a town in a city, houses in a town and gardens in houses. We will create a sunny and open town in a location near the sea.

Fine Court Fujisawa SST

Committee Center (meeting place)

Core town facility that widens the circle of families and residents

The Committee Center located in the Central Park can be used for invigorating the community, such as by holding committee members' meetings and events. Being equipped with a range of power sources such as solar panels, storage batteries and V2H, the center will also function as a disaster prevention base that can assist nearby areas in emergencies.

SHONAN T-SITE(commercial facilities)

Building a base for making the rest of the world aware of new lifestyles developed in this town

The SHONAN T-SITE will be created in Fujisawa SST. It’s not a site just for selling products. It’s a base for inspiring residents and visitors to the Shonan area,nurturing new lifestyles, and making this lifestyle known to people outside the town.
Lifestyles born in the town called Fujisawa SST have great potential to affect lifestyles in Japan, and furthermore, in the world.

See here for details.


Base of various activities of residents

This facility will be established integrally with the SHONAN T-SITE. As the base of the Fujisawa SST Management Company, it fulfills community, incubation and town management functions.

See here for details.

Wellness SQUARE (welfare, health care and educational facilities) Facilities will be opened step by step from the autumn of 2016.

Live a healthy life while fostering social interaction.

We will establish a complex facility, a focus for elderly care facilities, assisted residences for the elderly, clinics, nursery centers and cram schools. There will be opportunities for naturally linking people and fostering interaction among people who come to the facility. The elderly can pass down their knowledge and skills to children, and children can brighten the lives of the elderly. The Wellness SQUARE is a facility designed to always present this charming sight.

See here for details.

Community Solar (solar power generation system)

Preparations for emergencies throughout the town

Solar panels are installed over approx. 400 m on public land along the prefectural highway. Under normal circumstances, they financially support the town’s management functions via sales of electric power. In the event of a disaster, they will even act as emergency power sources for local residents.

See here for details.
Community solar system news release

Green spaces and parks

Garden Paths ~Pedestrian passages that create communities~

Streets designed to create communities We designed streets that will create residents' communities and help people enjoy the pleasure of walking. They are paved according to each area’s theme to produce distinctive features. There are also pedestrian-only paths where people can enjoy the changing seasons.

Central Park

This is a symbolic space located at the center of the town and will function as a center where people gather and engage in a rich variety of communication. The park is linked to the Committee Center, the core facility of the community. A granite sundial at the center, and spacious lawned spaces and playgrounds.

Active Park

Children can play freely with a variety of play equipment and tools and the adults can exercise for better health. This park is full of beaming smiles and human energy.

Forest Park

The Hikijigawa Ryokuchi Park provides a spacious and beautiful aquatic landscape and green scenery. Adjacent to this park, we will create a park that blends with the natural ecology, where we can see abundant wildlife and enjoy leafy natural scenery. This will be a space where people can experience the natural world and discover the wonders of living.

Welcome Garden ~Space serving as the ‘face’ of the town~

This garden is the entrance of the town leading to the Committee Center (meeting place). We built a large arched gate to show visitors that the town extends from this location. Exterior walls using natural stone accentuate the boundary.

Breeze Garden ~A promenade mantled in green~

Exercise machines have been installed for promoting the health of town residents.

Circle Garden ~A space encouraging interaction between residents of the town and nearby areas~

We have produced an open community space, where people can rest and chat with one another, by installing benches in a circle.

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  • Fujisawa SST Management
The Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town is a town building project promoted by the Fujisawa SST Council, which is organized by 18 companies.
  • Panasonic Corporation
  • Gakken Holdings Co., Ltd.
  • Culture Convenience Club Co., Ltd.
  • Koyama medical & Welfare group
  • Dentsu Inc.
  • Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd.
  • Panasonic Homes Corporation
  • Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited
  • MITSUI & CO., LTD.
  • Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. / Mitsui Fudosan Residential Co.,Ltd.
  • Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.
  • Accenture
  • SUNAUTAS Co.,Ltd.

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